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Elementary Rotary Readers

Elementary students are selected as Bright Horizon Rotary Readers. These students have excelled in their efforts at Accelerated Reader practice and recognized for good citizenship in their classroom. The 2017-2018 Rotary Readers were:

Sept. ’17       Henry Coker         Bryant Yelverton                1st

Oct. ’17         Eli Patterson        Caroline Holt                       2nd

Nov. ’17        Cade O’Brien        Beau Parish                          3rd

Dec. ’17        Jackson Harris      TW Dabbs                             4th

Jan.  ’18        Halie Edwards      Hannah Lyle                         5th

Feb. ’18         Aubrey Street       Charlie Childers                   1st                 

Mar. ’18        Cora Chandler      Max Rustin                           2nd

                        Taylor Smith        Elizabeth Stewart               3rd

Apr. ’18         Eliza Yelverton        Brandon Pham                    4th

                        LK Chandler          Chip Ballard                         5th