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Congratulations to the following for being selected as the cheerleaders for next school year!

The Varsity Cheerleaders for 2019-2020


Sims Bryan

Julianne Glusenkamp 

Sara Nash

Rivers Bryan

Lindsay Kate Williams

Maggie Marshall

Anna Grace Reed 

Brindley Comer

McKenzie Middleton 

Kate Wheeler 

Lexi Morrison 

Carley Wooten 

Brooklyn O’Conner 

Sydney Pierce


The Jr High Cheerleaders for 2019-2020

Morgan Dabbs 

Raylee Craven 

Bess Bryan 

Ana Collins Coker 

Lily Rustin 

Mattye Hemphill 

Mary Beth Briggs 

Catherine Williams 

Kathryn Williams 

Sims Akers 

Tyler Carter 

Price Alpe

Locke Myers 

Suzannah Russell 

Allie Comer

Hannah Lyle 

Kara Reed